Oriental Exotic Fruit Smoothie

Exotic Fruit SmoothieThere can be nothing more summery than sitting in the sun sipping an exotic fruit smoothie. On a recent trip to our local Asian supermarket we were entertained to a display of exotic fruits and what could be done with them to make our cooking more exciting. The young chefs had a huge array of fruits available to them including the usual suspects of bananas, pineapples mango's but among them I was excited to see some more exotic fruits like mangosteen, longan and dragon fruits. The chefs were introducing each fruit and talking about the health benefits and how to get the best out of them and when it was best to buy them.

My excitement was for the dragon fruit. I have loved the way these things look for a long time just in the total contrast to anything else I have ever seen in the fruit world. With it's bright pink skin it doesn't even hint at the wonderful colors on the inside. Bright white flesh with little black seeds does remind you a bit of a kiwi fruit but for me it's the black and white contrast that seems truly wonderful.

I was quite little interested I suppose in the health benefits they were talking about but sometimes the sales pitch at these things does get a little repetitive. Anyway they are a good source of vitamin C (like many other fruits are), they can be used as a natural source of anti-oxidants (using some buzz words), and high in dietary fiber.

I was more interested in how to choose the best dragon fruits for my exotic fruit smoothie and apparently it isn't as hard as I first thought. The first indication that it is ready to eat is the color of the skin. The more even the skin tone the better it will be. If these are any blotches on the skin this could indicate that it was over rip and also look at the stalk on the top, if it's a dry brown stick leave well alone. The next thing is the touch it should be firm to the touch with maybe a little give. If it's too soft it is over rip if its too hard it will need to be ripened.

The exciting part was the recipes but as could have been predicted the first was a fruit salad simply mixing together some exotic fruits like ripe dragon fruits, papaya, mango and pomegranates with lime juice for the sharpness. The second recipe the young chef done was more interesting, an exotic fruit smoothie made with dragon fruit! I have tried to remember what he actually put in it and although the ingredients list is small he done it so fast it was difficult to see everything he had in the glass blender. Here is what i seen and have tried it with outstanding success.

Exotic Fruit Smoothie Recipe

1 Dragon FruitDragon-Fruit-Smoothie
1 small Banana
50g frozen Blueberries
100ml Soy Milk
Brown Sugar to taste (or honey)

1. Place all fruit into a blender and mix until smooth. If you want to use fresh blueberries try putting them in the freezer for an hour before use to add some chill
2. Slowly add the soy milk to the fruit with the blender on low.
3. Still on low blender speed add the sugar a tsp at a time until it's sweet enough for you.
4. Serve and enjoy.

Hope you enjoy this exotic fruit smoothie made with dragon's fruitĀ  and hope you spend more time at those chef demo's, although sometimes a bit of a sales pitch you can learn stuff at them.