Ninja Master Prep QB900B Review

Ninja Master Prep QB900bThe Ninja Master Prep QB900b is a new take on countertop blending, instead of having the motor set into a unit on the base and have the jug sit on top the Ninja Master Prep puts the motor in your hand, not unlike an immersion blender. The difference is that the Ninja System must be used with the included jugs and jars. The QB900B is the smallest blender in the Mater Prep range but don't let that fool you, this little power house 400watt machine will still quickly and easily annihilate those ice cubes giving you perfect icy desserts and frozen drinks all in the blink of an eye.

The other blenders in the range include the QB9100 and the Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 both sporting a 450watt motor. While the QB9100 is essentially the same unit as the QB900B reviewed here, except for the bigger motor, The Professional QB1004 comes with a few extras that makes the whole system just sing a little better.

To operate the blender Ninja have developed what they are calling 'Pulse Technology' which put simply is a large button on the top of the unit which you hold for continuous blending or pressing on and off for pulse blending. Again very much like a hand held blender you can't switch this on and just leave it so if you wanted a smooth blend that would take a minute or more you would have to stand and hold the button or pulse the contents.

The stacked blade technology will help in reducing the time you will have to blend to get a smooth finish on your salad dressings or your soups but you stil have to stand and hold the button.

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Ninja Master Prep QB9100b Review

As you can imagine this is a very popular coutertop blender and has sold a lot of especially after the infomercial. On amazon it is rated their best countertop blender after the Hamilton Beach 51101 Blender, which we have rated as the best personal sized blender. Remembering that most people would have purchased their Ninja Master Prep from the telephone order service on the infomercial it is very impressive that already there are over 1,500 reviews. What is even more impressive is the number of 5 stars given 1,100 which is almost 74% giving 5stars. In contrast there is little more than 5% of reviewers giving 1 star and less than 10% of the total number of people who left a review gave the blender 2stars or less.

Customer Reviews


  • For what it can do it is very competitively priced
  • Versatility - It can mince, dice, blend, and puree
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Quick switching between bowl and pitcher
  • Both dishwasher and microwave save
  • Easy To clean


  • Motor can be difficult to mount at the start
  • Blades can jam
  • Spout seal can leak if loaded
  • Blades are difficult to wash by hand


Ninja Master Prep Replacement Parts

There is a large number of parts that make up the Ninja Master Prep so that means a lot of opportunities to lose parts or break parts. Luckily there is a large after purchase market for you you replace these parts. Ninja them self have an extensive parts & accessories department but you will probable find some better bargains on Amazon or eBay.

Ninja Master Prep QB900 Recipe Book External Link
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My Conclusion

I loved this machine. It was strong enough to do what I wanted it to do, make smoothies, blend soups and grind chilli powder. I did read some reviews saying their smoothie wasn't smooth enough but I got out of the Ninja master Prep exactly what I wanted from it. I also thought the interchangeable ability was a great bonus as well as quick and easy to use. The Ninja Master Prep will never be the only blender in my kitchen but it has become one that I will turn to often.