Hamilton Beach 58148A Counter Top Blender

From the new boy on the block (Ninja Master Prep QB900B) to one of the old masters the Hamilton Beach 58148A. However just because this is older doesn't mean it isn't great

This blender has been around for a few years now but it still has a very strong grip on the counter top blender market. The reason for this is simply the fact that it's sold at a reasonable price and works the way you would want a counter top blender to work.

There is nothing fancy about the design or gimmicky about the Hamilton Beach 58148A blender it just pure and simple works well.


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1. Features
2. Buttons
3. Wave Action System
4. Price & Availability
5. Dimensions
6. Consumer Reviews
7. Conclusion

Hamilton Beach 58148A Features

The Hamilton Beach Power Elite blender has a 40 oz. jar (5 cups) and fancy Ice Saber blade system that is powered by 700 Watts to produce pure blending power. More than enough for all those kitchen duties you can throw it; mixing, pureeing, dicing, crushing ice and more using only four buttons. It features 12 blending functions, a unique, no-mess pouring spout, Wave-Action system and cord storage. Jar is Dishwasher Safe. The features listed here are what I believe make this Hamilton Beach counter top blender the best and most wished for blender.

  • 700 Watts
  • 12 Functions
  • 2 Speeds
  • Push Button Controls
  • Wave Action System
  • Removable Blade

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The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Buttons

For us the buttons have it. It's what makes this blender so easy to use with any need for worrying if you're doing it wrong or if you're over blending your guacamole! With 5 easy to use buttons, well four really as the power button just switches it off, 2 will continuously blend at two different speeds and two pulse buttons again operating at different speeds. This puts great control at your finger tips. The small text below the button will make sure you never forget what each one does.

 Wave~Action® System

wave action systemAt first this just seems like another selling technique to advertise what the blender should be doing but on further inspection the Hamilton Beach Wave Action System does really work. So what is it exactly? Do you know how when using some blenders the food is thrown from the center of the jug to the wall and the idea is that it gets sucked down the wall and onto the blades at the bottom? This never seems to work smoothly however and you end up stopping the machine and using a spatula or wooden spoon to scrape the stuff off the side of the blender. Well the Wave Action systems works in the opposite direction it pulls food up the outside and and drops it down the middle of the beaker directly onto the blades. This works really well with dry foods and very small piece of food. The problem comes when the suction has to lift large chunks of fruit or vegetables  in a wet blend such as a smoothie or a soup. These larger piece don't get pulled off the bottom as easily but once you know this then it is simple to just cut the fruit and veg into smaller pieces at the start.

Included Extras

There really isn't much you can add to the Hamilton Beach 58148 to make it do more. You can buy extra jugs if you need more volume or you need to replace yours but the this blender doesn't need anything else to make it work.

Blender Dimensions

Never really a big part in the buyers guide to blenders but we think it should be considered by a lot of different groups for example the elderly or those living in small apartments. Just because it's called a counter top doesn't mean that's were it will live each and every day. If you are one of those that will be storing their blender in a cupboard and only bringing it out when needed then the weight and size will be very important to you.

1. Weight - This thing weighs 7.76lbs, not that heavy until you need to stretch up or crouch down to put it in the cupboard
2. Dimensions - 15x6.79x9.5 (inches) Thats 15" tall almost 7" wide and importantly 9.5" deep. it is this depth that gives you
3. Power - 700 Watts

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Counter Top Blender Price

This counter top blender has been on the market for some time now which means that it has been reviewed to within an inch of it's life. Amazon has the Hamilton Beach Power Elite consistently at the top of its Best Seller List as well as their Most Wished for counter blender. The number of reviews it has is a good indication that it is a popular blender . Amazon almost always has the Hamilton Beach Elite Power Counter Top Blender in stock. The list price is $34.99 but it is more often than not on sale at $24.87, a 10% discount, with free shipping.

Buy Hamilton Beach 57148A Blender

Another place to get great discounts on these blenders is eBay. No matter if you want an out of the box brand new unit or big discount for a less than perfect condition one, eBay is a fantastic source for Hamilton Beach 58148 discounts, as well as those hard to get replacement parts. Listed here are a range of new, still in the box, Hamilton Beach 58148 Counter Top Blenders available on ebay with free shipping, the price you see is the price you pay!

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Reviews

With over 1300 reviews (1319 as of 09/17/14) this Power Elite blender is obviously popular, however of all the reviews 990 (75%) are positive giving 4-5 star reviews with only 121 (9.2%) negative reviews. Although less than 10% isn't a high number at all the reason for these negatives can tell us something about the blender. Filtering out the usual postage complaints and poor delivery issues some other problems are with the noise of the blender and the size but there were a few more dependable complaints who's issue was that it can't do what is said it can.

I can't get it to blend ice at all. It's still very chunky no matter what I do. Kevin June 2014

We ordered it because it said "multi-function" and you can see dice, grind, chop and puree options in the picture. Nope!Afreen April 2014

This blender can't chop fruit or anything else without a separate attachment... David November 2013

On a more posive note

Video Review

Unlike other manufacturers Hamilton Beach doesn't seem to keen to push video reviews or promotions about their products so we are left with users who review them. This seem the best of a whole lot of Hamilton beach power elite video reviews but it's still a little biased towards the product not really pointing out many negatives.


So what makes the Hamilton Beach 58148A such a popular counter top blender? It is the most wished for and best selling counter top blender on Amazon yet there are far better blenders out there. In our opinion it's the cost. At less than $35 it does a great job. No, it doesn't blend the smoothest, it's a bit noisy, can be cumbersome to clean but for the price it does good enough. If you want a low priced kitchen gadget that will work well then the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Counter top Blender could be just what you are looking for.

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