Cuisinart CSB 76 Immersion Blender

Cuisinart CSB 76 SmartStick 2 Speed Immersion Blender

The Cuisinart CSB 76 immersion blender will probably be the most simplistic blender you will ever use but don't let this super simple smart stick fool you it can do the lot. From blitzing those ice cold drinks right in the drinks jug to blending smooth soups in the pan it can do them all with ease. Due to the uniquely designed blade this handy “stick” will mix and stir and is ideal for for whipping up quick salad dressings and steak sauces. One touch on/off leaves you in total control of either mixing, blending or pulsing dry ingredients as well as the traditional wet stuff. When finished the Cuisinart CSB 76 hand blender continues to help with the cleaning up! Both the blending shaft and the included beaker can safely be put into the dishwasher.

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Cuisinart Immersion Blender Range

There are essentially three immersion blenders in the Cuisinart Smartstick range, the Cuisinart csb-75, csb-76 and csb-79. At first glance you wouldn't be the only one that gets a little confused with this as they all look very similar but the Cuisinart CSB-79 is a lot different to the other two. However if you look close enough you will see that the CSB 75 and 76 are in fact identical. That's because they are essentially the same immersion blender with slight improvements, so lets clarify this then.

The Cuisinart CSB-76 is in fact the older model and if you look you will see they changed the high/low speed button design. Visually that's about it unless you hold the two models side by side then you'll notice the size difference. The CSB-75 is a little taller and wider with a minor change in the weight as well but nothing you would notice if you held them and compared the weight (0.3lbs less). The advantage the 75 has over the Cuisinart CSB 76 is that height difference, this equates itself to have a longer shaft to blend into deeper pots and jugs.

Cuisinart CSB-76 Immersion Blender Features

  • Has a powerful 200-watt motor
  • Blade protector helps reduce splattering
  • Lightweight 2.5lbs (40 ounce) and easy to operate with one hand
  • Includes a 2-cup beaker
  • 3-year limited warranty (See Cons below)

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Cuisinart CSB-76 / 75 Immersion Blender Reviews

Here is another confusion factor about the CSB range, the CSB 76 has it's own reviews, almost 2500 in total but if you add the Cuisinart CSB-76 that adds another 1000 bringing the total number of Cuisinart immersion blender reviews to 3,500. It does take a bit to read all af those but if we jsut look at those that actually review the blending unit and not the postage or the beaker we still have a lot to get through so lets look at the highlights.

Almost everyone said this was a great blender and when it worked it worked well, here are a few comments of those that loved the machine.

"by far the most solid, smoothest running and easiest to clean"

"If you are looking for an immersion blender with lots of power and a "NO STAIN" Stainless Steel shaft then IMO, you cannot go wrong with this model from Cusinart."

"Best hand blender I've ever seen or used... Blows the other ones out of the water"

Unfortunately there is, as one reviewer called it, an Achilles heal to this blender. It seems that despite it's fantastic 200watt motor and super sharp blades there is a weakness in the small piece of plastic that connects them. Without this vital piece the blades won't turn and it isn't user replaceable so renders the blender inoperable. Although there is a three year warranty included with the CSB-75 one reviewer noted that you have to pay to post the blender to them and include postage costs to have it returned to you. Although this may seem relatively cheap it can work out about the same cost as the actual machine was when you bought it.

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"After maybe 10 uses, none of them on challenging mixes, my Smart Stick has broken.The plastic gear inside looks rough and ragged. The blade barely turns. It happened as I attempted to blend cooked carrots into a soup."

"It overheats exceptionally quickly. I did not like that I am holding it in my hand, using it, and the motor gets hot"

"Plastic Pieces broke off this only after 2 uses, now it is vibrating and making a loud grinding sound"

Cuisinart CSB-76 Immersion Blender Pro & Cons


  • Takes up very little space in the kitchen
  • Fast and easy very smooth blending
  • Great range of colors


  • Some reports of a weak spindle that breaks with a few uses
  • Not suitable for crushing ice
  • Handle can get hot if used for a long period

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