Cuisinart CPB-300 Smartpower Review

cuisinart cpb 300 setIt may seem a little weird that this Cuisinart cpb-300 review even exists at all when you start to look for the best personal blender. It can be a little difficult to get past the fact that Hamilton Beach seems to dominate the personal blender category but they do have some real competition and the Cuisinart CPB-300 is its closet competitor in the buying stakes.

Most people consider Cuisinart one of the best immersion blender manufacturers with their SmartStick technology but they do have a great product with this 15 piece set.

The Cuisinart CPB 300 can blend to make perfect smoothies but it can also chop in the separate little chopping cup. This enables you to add some chopped herbs and spices to your smoothie making all the ingredients as fresh as they can be.

There is a big thing made about the cups and jugs all being BPA Free but when ever I mention this most people don't actually know what BPA is or why they should know about it. This page will give you an insight into what you should know about BPA and from there you can make a decision on where or not your blender needs to be BPA free or not.

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Cuisinart CPB 300 Price

Although the list price for the Cuisinart cpb-300 15 Piece set is $130 don't be fooled. In the past 12 months Amazon have been selling this blender for anything between $42.49 to $69.95 with an average price of just below $60. The popularity of this blender makes the price a bit unstable but try and get yours for around $60 and you have the right price.

Cuisinart CPB Features

  • 350-watt motor
  • Sleek electronic touchpad
  • LED indicator lights
  • ABS housing with
  • Stainless steel front panel
  • Standby Mode
  • Safety interlock and
  • Auto Stop features
  • Pulse controls
  • BPA-free
  • 32-ounce blender cup
  • 8-ounce chopper cup
  • Four 16-ounce "To-Go" cups

Cuisinart CPB-300 Reviews

Looking the the Cuisinart CPB-300 review stats things don't look that good. With 1093 reviews only 73% were for 4* or above. Compared to the 72% given positive reviews for the Hamilton Beach 51101, which is the best selling personal size blender, we see there is nothing in it.

There are 19% less than positive reviews, 2* and below, and it must be said that even when you look at these most of the buyers still liked the blender and some actually bought it 2 or 3 times even with the problem they noted.

Fell in love with this blender for it's additional to-go cups which worked perfectly for my schedule.

the blender ripped its own bottom out!

Feels like I bought this product 3 times in the last year.

I still like having the 16oz cups and oddly enough the blender itself.

More positive reviews all liked the actual set and found the 8oz chopping cup just as good as the 32oz blending cup. However even the positive reviews did come with some warnings mainly about how to get the best out of your blender. One of the best tips we found was to always put liquid into the blender cup first before the ice as this will allow the ice cubes to fall onto the blades. This may sound wired but if you think about it a hard ice cube stuck up against a blade will put a lot more pressure on the motor to crush the ice than an ice cube that is falling onto the blade already surrounded by fluid.

I love this system! But I can understand why others have had trouble with it.

I referred to the instruction booklet to crush ice, chop nuts, puree and make smoothies. By following directions, it worked flawlessly

Get this thing for, if nothing else, its sheer ease of use and maintenance.


We loved the Cuisinart CPB 300 but it didn't last long. I think maybe the parts used in the construction of this blender are not as good as the motor used so in practice the motor is a little over powered and works better than the actual surrounding plastic can take. I'm sure Cuisinart will work this out but for now we won't be replacing our Cuisinart CPB 300 with another one.