Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender Review

Breville BSB510XL Review VideoAdèle, there on the left, from the Breville video is showing us the best tips and tricks for using the Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender, but what can she really teach us about, what is after all just another tool we all use in the kitchen?

Well we already know it's a commercially inspired kitchen appliance and that it offers us control and all of the tools, what ever in the world that's suppose to actual mean. Well your in luck because in this review I aim to make it clear just what that actually means and what's so good about this blender, and not be too biased I will also point out a few bad points.

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1. Features
2. Control Grip
3. Reduced Suction
4. Mixing Speeds
5. Price & Availability
6. Included Attachments
7. Dimensions
8. Consumer Reviews
9. Concusion

Before we delve into this Breville BSB510Xl Review I would first like to say that there are not many immersion blenders out there that I've found difficult to hold while blending food. This could simply be a matter of hand size as having larger hands would obviously make it easier to control stick blenders.

Breville BSB510XL Features

It won't take you long to work out that the Breville Control Grip™ is the main feature of the BSB5100Xl. That doesn't mean however the other features aren't as important. For me it is these other features that make this hand blender what it is and the Control Grip although a nice feature isn't Unique to The Breville Blenders. The features listed here are what I believe make this Breville Blender the one to buy.

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Oval Shaped Base
  • Non-Scratch Shaft
  • Adjustable Blade Speeds
  • Long Blending Shaft


The Breville Control Grip™

Breville BSB510XL Control HandleLets have a look at this revolutionary Breville Control Grip™. From the video you can see that using one hand you you simply hold the ergonomic trigger grip of the blender and have your index finger on the on/off switch (let go will stop the machine). To be honest that doest seem all that great to me and I could point out a few other immersion blenders with similar hold grips, for example the Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Immersion Blender. What does seem better to me are the two features that are relatively ignored.

Reduced Suction

The first feature I find really good is the reduced suction you will experience when using this machine. I make soups a lot and many of them need to be blended smooth before serving and adding those Breville BSB510XL Bell Shape Blenderfinal garnishes that make a great soup even better. Now if you have ever tried to blend hot soup in the pot you know it can be a delicate process. Leaving out the problems with speed control for the moment, there is always a moment of panic when your holding the pot with one hand and the blender grabs the bottom of the pot. No matter how many times I have done this and know that I am holding on tight it always gives me a little heart flutter. From the image of the blades you see here you can make out two features that make the reduced suction possible, the actual shape of the based and those little ridges at the top and bottom. The cut away bell shape of the Breville BSB510XL is the main reason this suction doesn't happen. The base of the shaft can't seal to the bottom of the pot and also allows your food to still flow freely around the chopping blades. The ridges help with causing a turbulence of liquid forcing the exchange of food within proximity of the blades, now that's revolutionary to me. The reduced suction of the Breville BSB510XL really does work and I can tell you it saves a lot of energy, as well as some kitchen scares.

Speed Control

The second feature I like, can't really say it's important to me, is the variable speed control. This for me is where the Breville Control Grip™ actually comes good. Other stick blenders will have a simple on switch that will blend at a set speed but I've found a few that if I push the trigger gently I can get a variable speed (I'm sure I shouldn't be playing with electricity like that). If you're not careful with these one speed stick blenders you'll have the whole kitchen sprayed with your chunky green guacamole. The Breville Control Grip™ has a small knob on the top of the ergonomic grip that can be twisted to change the speed of the blades. This gives great control when blending salsa's and chunky dips.

Included Extras

Although called 'added extras' these useful additions are nothing more than what should be included anyway. A 25oz (710ml) bowl and 42oz (1.2l) jug and a whisk that you attach to the blender to help with getting those stiff white peaks easier. With any add extra you should take care that you arn't blinded with what can seem as add value when in fact it's just items that make the gadget better for you to use.

Blender Dimensions

Normally this would be the dullest part of a review. Let's be honest the size and weight of a hand blender shouldn't really be that important, but it is. If you buy a blender that is too heavy to handle then you will soon fear using it. If you are unable to control the blender due to the power or weight or size then it is only a matter of time before you start decorating the house with food stuffs.

1. Weight - This thing weighs 3.8lbs that's a whole 1lb lighter than it's predecessor the BSB400XL
2. Dimensions - 2.5x3x16.2 (inches) 6.3x7.6x41.1 (cm) Before rushing away from those numbers lets consider just one of them, the length. 16.2" long allows the Breville BSB510XL an immersion depth of 8" into any type of food to be blended. This is what is meant by "commercially inspired" when it can be used for making larger quantities just as easily as smaller ones.
3. Power - 280watts It is no use having all those gadgets like reduced suction and longer blending shaft if you don't have the power to use them. 280watts is a more than enough power to do all those kitchen chores without you even breaking a sweat.

Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender Price

This stick blender has been on the market for some time now which can be seen from the number of reviews it has. Amazon almost always has the Breville BSB510 Immersion Blender in stock with a price ranging from $149.99 (the actual full retail price) to $99.95 (a 33% discount).

Buy Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender

Another place to get great discounts on these blenders is eBay. No matter if you want an out of the box brand new unit or big discount for a less than perfect condition one, eBay is a fantastic source for Breville BSB510XL discounts, as well as those hard to get replacement parts. Listed here are a range of new, still in the box, Breville BSB510XL Blenders available on ebay with free shipping, the price you see is the price you pay!

Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender Reviews

As already said this unit has been reviewed a lot but it has also been RECOMMENDED on the 2012 CONSUMER REPORT for Immersion Blenders, scoring a whooping 91/100.

Watch Adèle reviewing the Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender


So who does this blender actually suit. Well in my opinion just about anyone who wants smooth finish to there dishes. The attachments are very well thought out but for me the Breville BSB5100XL is excellent when blending hot soups still in the pan. The reduced suction really is innovative and for that reason alone I can recommend this blender. I hope this Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender Review has answered many of your questions and would like to wish you luck in your search for the best immersion blender for you. Please take a look around our site for more information on other popular blenders & processors.

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