Best Mango Smoothie Recipe

Best Mango SmoothieFinding the best mango smoothie recipe seemed like the 'forever task'. Every time I thought I had found a new one it always contained some obscure ingredient likeĀ organic coconut oil or had so many ingredients that the mango taste was lost. Organic coconut oil may not seem that obscure to some but when all you want is a quick, simple and easy mango smoothie recipe adding expensive ingredients seems a little excessive.

I almost gave up on my quest but a rather extended holiday to Thailand soon had me back on the trail to find the best mango smoothie! I made it my sole task while on this exotic holiday to try as many different fruit smoothies as I could while in a country where smoothies were everywhere. If I really liked what I tasted then my next task was to attempt to ask the stall holder or street vendor for the recipe that they were using. That wasn't as easy as you may think and not just because of the language barrier.

I seemed to be fighting my way back to the front of a very large queue after I got my smoothie and realized i wanted the recipe. This i found out was due to the fact that if you are lucky enough to find the good ones the locals found them long before you. Even after getting back to the front and speak with the street vendor more often than not they could only speak English as far as the names of the fruit smoothies they were selling.

Difficult as it was i did find some great vendors who gave me some recipes that i could use. Here is the first mango smoothie recipe I was able to get from a Bangkok stall vendor who had many different types but I think mango was the most popular. Maybe it was popular as I think it was the season for mango's or maybe the locals just liked this guys mango smoothie. It probably isn't the most healthiest smoothie with all that sugar and some have questioned the salt but for me it is definitely the tastiest smoothie I had in Thailand.

Best Mango Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 medium ripe mango
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1/2 cup of sweetened water
  • teaspoon of Condensed Milk
  • small pinch of salt

Put all ingredients into the food blender and blitz for about 1 min or until smooth. Make sure the blender you are using is one that can crush ice easily. If the mix is too thick add some water (sweetened or not it the sugar is worrying you) if it's too thin just add more mango. Really simple, really quick and probably the best mango smoothie I've ever had outside of Bangkok.