Best Blender For Crushing Ice

Why would we dedicate one whole page just to discovering what is the best blender for crushing ice? Well, if you take a look around at some of the food blender reviews on the Internet, as well as our own, you will soon notice that one of the biggest problems people always have with their newly purchased food blender is that it wont crush ice.

Best Blender For Crushing Ice
Even worse is that when they did try to crush ice they burnt the motor out or snapped the blades. Now I'm not saying that in each and every case here it is a user problem but on most occasion where you find some one complaining about their blender not crushing it it's usually not the fault of the blender.

It will be almost impossible to get good crushed ice when using an immersion blender. It is not impossible but really you shouldn't be using your personal sized blenders for crushing ice either. Yes I know the Ninja Pro range does a great job but it isn't the best blender for crushing ice now is it?

Features of the Best Blender For Crushing Ice

  • A jug blender
  • A good strong motor
  • Good serrated blades

Why a jug blender? Well this one is rather obvious really. If you want to crush ice without hurting your self, those standing by or breaking some windows a jug blender is the best vessel to keep the ice in one place while you crushing it.

A strong motor is need to ensure that you actually can smash through the cubes and subsequent ice chunks.

A serrated blade will easily smash the ice into smaller chunks than a smooth blade which will simple create slithers of ice that will need more crushing before they are done.

So now we have all that in place what machine has all of these requirements in the right proportions at the right price ?

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Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender

The Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender kitchen system comes with a 1000 watt motor that can take ice cubes to the level of fine grade snow needed for a slushee in a matter of seconds. Very few blenders have this power and able to handle ice cubes quiet as effectively. The Ninja Ultima Blender isn't only one of the best blenders for crushing ice it's a fantastic addition to your kitchen for all the other jobs as well like pureeing vegetables to make fine silky soups and emulsifying foods. The blades and 72 oz pitcher are both dishwasher safe making cleaning up easy and safe. You won't run the risk of cutting yourself while trying to dig your hand into the deep 72oz jug. The blender system is also available with a 1100 watt motor in a single serve system, which at about £20 more may well be worth it. There is very little difference between the NJ600 and the Ninja-BL660-Professional-Blender kitchen system.

Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Hemisphere 2-Speed Blender

The Breville Die Cast Hemisphere Blender has three speeds and is efficient as they get. This Breville 800BLXL Bladesblender has a great ability to chip ice to the perfect size, so no matter what drink you fancy or concoction of a cocktail you can dream up, if crushed ice is required then you’ll probably get the best size ice for your money. This relatively small blender is a heavy-duty blender. The 1000 Watt motor operates at two speeds and come complete with a 67oz polycarbonate jug. It comes dishwasher safe and can be stored easily in any small spot in your kitchen. Don't underestimate the advantages of being dishwasher safe. Those blades are sharp and the less you need to handle them the safer it will be for you and your family.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series 750 BlenderYou would imagine that the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender would be the top of the list. This blender has been reviewed to death by just about every consumer group out there. Those reviews through up fantastic insights into how this machine works and why it does the job so well.

They have tested this blender to within an inch if it's 1200 watt motor and come to the conclusion that it is the best blender for just about everything going. What they all fail to mention or highlight at least is the price.

The Vitamix retails at $650 or there abouts. Now for me that is one steep price tag to get the best blender for crushing ice. Another point is the style. When it comes to looking good I'm not really down with the fashion and to honest good looking blenders isn't something I think a lot about. However I do think this has an old feel abut it. I don't mean retro I just mean it looks like a blender that's been in the cupboard for about 20 or 30 years. I guess to get all that power in they need to have such a big bottom.


This is a hard one to find the right answer for so we need to take a few more things into consideration.

Your Overall Blender Needs
Although we are talking about the best blender for crushing ice you need to ask yourself will that all the blender will be used for? I'm betting the answer will be no! So make sure you take into consideration all the other jobs you’re going to be having your blender do.

The Importance of Blender Price
Price dictates a lot for consumers and if all you have is $10 to spend then finding a blender to crush ice wont really be a priority for you. Price will often be the deciding factor for any purchase but if you want to be crushing ice with your blender it's not recommended to go budget blender.

It's not all about the Watts
Blenders are discussed in two main categories, the price and the power. When discussing price there will be blenders for under $50, blenders for under $100 etc. When the power is discussed it is always the highest watt blenders that are mentioned first. When looking for a blender to crush ice however, although important, the power doesn't have to be the highest. In fact if the power is too high and the speed is too fast you will end up with more water than ice as it will blend the ice too quickly and generate too much heat in the friction. If you want to have those cocktails everyday then for sure you will need a high power watt motor but you will also need some control of the speed of the motor.

The Blade and Jug are Very Important
Blenders will have anything from 1 to 4 blades and the more expensive the blender the more blades it will have. However a strong, well designed blade will go a lot further when creating fine powdered ice or silk smooth soup. The size and shape of the jug is probably the most important factor when choosing a blender but it will no doubt be the last thing most will consider when buying a blender. The video below is a great way to find out about some blenders that were reviewed by America's test kitchen. However it's not the blenders that are important but what she has to say about the jug size and shape and their importance to producing the best blender for crushing ice.